Aab e Hayat novel PDF by Umera Ahmed complete download or read online.

If you are a fan of Umera Ahmed and you have also enjoyed reading Peer e Kamil, then you should also read its sequel Aab e Hayat. Once again, another great story of love, sympathy, suffering and hopes.

Aab e Hayat Novel by Umera Ahmed PDF Complete Download | Read Online
Aab e Hayat novel PDF download free

The readers who really want to know how is the life their favorite characters Salaar and Imama are living after their marriage, will be happy to see them again as a happy couple. You will learn what is the love.

What the author says about her novel Aab e Hayat

According to the author Umera Ahmed:

“Aab e Hayat is the 2nd part of Peer e Kamil. The part which I could not write in 2004 due to my personal engagements. I had decided to write it a few years later because I wanted that when the success of Peer e Kamil will stop, then I can write its next part without any psychological pressure.

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You read the first part of Salaar and Imama’s life ten years before. The second part of their lives you will read in this novel. Peer e Kamil and Aab e Hayat are the two parts of the same writing. And this is the literary work that I didn’t write just to get appreciation neither in 2003 nor I wish it today. While writing a lot of aimless words on paper, my only wish was that I could also write some kind of the words which can stop someone when he was going on the wrong way. If one doesn’t stop, then at least think again. The wish, the effort is still just that, even today.

Why it was necessary to write the second part of Peer e Kamil? What are the purposes of writing it?

Only Aab e Hayat novel PDF can give you the answers of these two questions. I had completed this novel in 2010, but later it passed through the revision stages for many times. Now before reaching into your hands, it will be edited again by my pen. The effort is, the thing that reaches to your hands, must be unambiguous, simple and easy”.

Furthermore, Umera says:

“After falling in love with each other, Adam and Eve become lifelong companions and try to make a home like the Paradise from where they had been excluded. While they knew that their home is unstable just like a spider’s web, which takes a lot of time to complete but also takes a second to break down.

And then the cycle of give and take. What lost what get? What has been lost to get something? A tornado of success, dreams, desires and wishes makes the life just like a detour. And then the next stage of trials. Too many trials and the kind of trials in which nothing remembers, but only ALLAH, who definitely helps. Because only ALLAH is, who always replies to those who call for help.

Then the stage when a human wants to see his next generation rising like him. He realizes that his life has a downfall. Only eternal life is the life which never ends.

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And then those who pass through all these stages by turning into a perfect human, for them, ALLAH who gives everything, whose love is “Aab e Hayat” (the water of endless life), takes them into eternal heavens. The world ends, not life”.

Some quotes from the novel in Urdu language

Before downloading Aab e Hayat PDF novel online, you might also want to read some of its quotes.

محبت اور شادی کا مطلب یہ نہیں ہوتا کہ دونوں پارٹنرز ایک دوسرے کو اپنے اپنے ہاتھ کی مٹھی میں بند کر کے رکھنا شروع کر دیں۔ اس سے رشتے مضبوط نہیں ہوتے دم گھٹنے لگتا ہے۔ ایک دوسرے کو سپیس دینا،ایک دوسرے کی انفرادی حیثیت تسلیم کرنا، ایک دوسرے کی آزادی کے حق کا احترام کرنا بہت ضروری ہے۔ ہم دونوں اگر صرف ایک دوسرے کے عیب اور کوتاہیاں ڈھونڈتے رہیں گے تو بہت جلد ہمارے دل سے ایک دوسرے کے لئے عزت اور لحاظ ختم ہو جائے گا۔ کسی رشتے کو کتنی بھی محبت سے گوندھا گیا ہو، اگر عزت اور لحاظ چلا جائے تو محبت بھی چلی جاتی ہے۔ یہ دونوں چیزیں محبت کے گھر کی چار دیواری ہیں۔ چار دیواری ختم ہو جائے تو گھر کو بچانا بہت مشکل ہو جاتا ہے۔

کوئی کتنی بھی اچیومنٹ والا دن ہو، چوبیس گھنٹے کے بعد ماضی بن جاتا ہے اور ماضی کے ڈھنڈورے پیٹنے والے لوگ کبھی مستقبل کے بارے میں نہیں سوچتے۔

یہ ضروری نہیں ہوتا کہ صرف اے پلس والا ہی زندگی میں بڑے کام کرے گا۔ بڑا کام اور کامیابی تو اللہ کی طرف سے ہوتی ہے۔ تم دعا کیا کرو کہ اللہ تم سے بہت بڑے کام کروائے اور تمہیں بہت کامیابی دے۔

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